4 Port 100W GaN Charger - Includes 2m USB-C Cable

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Frequently Asked Questions


What speeds will I get when charging multiple devices?
This 4 Port GaN Charger is capable of supplying up to 100W to a single USB-C device, but only when no other devices are connected.

When multiple devices are connected, the speed of the 100W charging port is reduced to 65W.

The total charging is as below:

USB-C #1 - Up to 65W
USB-C #2 - Up to 18W
USB-A #1 + USB-A 2 - Up to 17W Combined
65 + 18 +17 = 100W Total Charging
Which ports should I use for the fastest charging?
When charging, use USB-C #1 (labelled with '100W') for the device which requires the most power, such as your laptop or portable gaming system.
USB-C #2 or a single USB-A port are ideal for fast charging a phone, tablet or earbuds case.
If charging four devices at once, lower power or less important devices should be plugged into the USB-A ports, as they'll share 17W between them.
What cables does this include?
This charger includes a single, USB-C to USB-C cable capable of 100W charging speeds. This is ideal for high-power devices like a laptop or portable game system.
Can this charge my iPhone?
Yes, although you will need to provide your own USB-C to Lightning cable.


USB-C laptop not charging when connected to the charger
Not all laptop USB-C ports support charging using USB-C Power Delivery. Many laptops only support charging on one of their USB-C ports.
Ensure you connect the charging cable to a port on the laptop which supports charging.
Laptop charges slowly
Ensure you connect high powered devices such as laptops to the top USB-C port. This port is designed for high power charging and provides more power than the USB-C port below it.
Certain high-performance laptops can use 100W or more of power when performing demanding tasks. The laptop will charge more rapidly when the processing demand is reduced.
Ensure you use the charging cable supplied with the charger or another 5A (100W) USB-C cable when charging laptops. Most USB-C cables only support charging at up to 3A (60W) or below and won’t allow some laptops to charge at full speed.
  • Part No.: WCG4X100-EU
  • Card Reader: No
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Physical Characteristics: 80 × 80 × 29.5mm (H x D x W) | 254gmsInput: 100-240VAC 50~60Hz 1.6A Max
  • Output: 100W Max | USB-C #1 single output: PD3.0 (5,9,15V/3A, 20V/5A) - 100W* | USB-C #2 single output: PD3.0 (5V/3A, 9V/2A) - 18W | *Derated when all ports active as follows: USB-C #1 65W + USB-C #2 18W, USB-A #1 + #2 17W
  • Package Includes: WCG4X100 USB Wall Charger, 2m USB-C Charging Cable, Instruction Manual
  • Device Compatibility: Apple, Chromebook, Microsoft
  • Barcode (EAN): 9350784022899

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