Clarity Pro 27" UHD 4K Monitor with 65W PD and Webcam

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The Canvas You've Always Dreamed of

Clarity Pro is a non-compromise display for artists who demand the best.

Our 27” studio-quality 4K display presents your work in perfect colour, while its automatically retracting 8MP webcam only shows your best side.

Clarity’s USB hub lets you connect to your workstation with a single cable, saving your focus for your next masterpiece.

Slides up when you need it. Disappears when you don't
8MP retractable webcam

Clarity Pro’s smart webcam stays hidden until you start a video call, then automatically slides back down again when the meeting ends, protecting your privacy and keeping the lens clean for a pristine 8-megapixel picture.

With Clarity Pro’s 8MP auto-retracting webcam you’ll look stunning – but only when you want to.

Goodbye Awkward Framing

The webcam’s angle is easily adjusted via its rear scroll wheel, ensuring you’re always the centre of attention. It takes just seconds to dial in your best angle with Clarity Pro’s webcam adjustment wheel – but the impression you make will last a lifetime. Say goodbye to all your laptop webcam’s awkward angles and hello to your best look.

Goodbye Awkward Framing

Exhibit your craft like never before with more than one billion colours across Clarity Pro’s breathtaking 27” 4K screen. Its exceptional colour gamut, vivid 350 cd/m2 brightness and sharp HDR contrasts make it a powerful tool you can stake your creative reputation on.

Built-in USB Hub
8 ports in 1, 6 functions
  1. USB-A
  2. USB-B
  3. HDMI
  4. DisplayPort
  5. USB-C
  6. Audio Output
Pivot, Tilt, Swivel
adjustable stand

Our aluminium stand makes it easy to position Clarity Pro exactly where you need it, letting you raise, pivot, tilt and swivel the display for ergonomic comfort.

Ergonomics For Easy Viewing

The CLARITY also features In-Plane Switching [IPS]. IPS display panel technology enables workplace teams to view the same screen from angles up to 178 degrees [almost completely sideways], without diminishing image quality.

Landscape/ Portrait
Switch In Seconds

With Clarity’s smart rotation sensor, it takes just seconds to switch from landscape to portrait, perfect for editing vertical video,answering emails or monitoring a livestream. When you’re done, switching back is just as easy.

Dimensions and Range of Motion
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Installing Clarity’s macOS Touchscreen Drivers
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Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the difference between Clarity, Clarity Pro and Clarity Pro Touch?
Pro and Pro Touch are upgraded versions of our Clarity Monitor, which introduce some great extra features while retaining the studio-quality display which makes the original Clarity such a valued tool for digital artists.

The key difference between Clarity and Clarity Pro is that Pro has an 8MP webcam built into the monitor.

This smart webcam automatically slides up from the top when you start a video call, then slides back down when the call ends, keeping the lens clean and protecting your privacy.
Clarity Pro Touch has both the inbuilt webcam and a ‘one-glass solution’ 10-point touchscreen.

The formula is: Clarity (4K studio-quality monitor) + Pro (smart inbuilt webcam) + Touch (touchscreen).

There’s one other difference between Clarity and Pro/Pro Touch – they can’t charge your computer quite as fast, with only 65W passthrough charging compared to Clarity’s 90W. This is because 25W need to be reserved for the webcam.
How do I recharge my laptop with Clarity?
To charge your laptop via Clarity (up to 65W), simply connect it to the monitor via a USB-C cable which supports the required wattage.

However, it does need to plug into a USB-C port compatible with PD (Power Delivery) on your computer.

These can sometimes be identified by the presence of a battery icon next to the port on your laptop, but often you’ll need to check the user manual or manufacturer’s website to figure out which USB-C ports support PD.

All Thunderbolt 3 and 4 ports support PD.
How do I use Clarity's USB-A ports?
In order for your computer to access devices you've plugged into Clarity's two rear USB-A ports, you need to ensure your computer is:

1. Connected to Clarity via either:Clarity's USB-C port or Clarity's USB-B port
2. Clarity "Active USB" mode is set to the same USB port you've connected to your computer.

To change Clarity's "Active USB" mode, navigate to "USB Switch" in the "Other Settings" menu of Clarity's main menu.
For example: if your computer is connected to Clarity via USB-C, you would select "Type-C" in the "USB Switch" menu.
Does Clarity support VESA mounting?
Yes, Clarity is compatible with 100x100mm VESA mounts, and includes four mounting screws.
How do I assemble my new monitor?
The following assembly instructions can also be found in your product manual.

Remove the stand stem and base from their protective bags. Slot the stem onto the base and fasten via the thumb screw underneath the base.Align the two latches at the top of the stand stem with the notches in your Clarity display, with the display still in the foam housing. Gently push the rear plate into Clarity, it will click into place.Lift your monitor out of the foam, ensuring the display's weight remains supported.


I've connected to Clarity via USB-C. Why aren't I getting any video?
In order to connect to Clarity via USB-C, it must be plugged into a USB-C port compatible with "DP Alt Mode" - or a Thunderbolt 3/4 port.DP Alt Mode compatible USB-C ports are sometimes marked with a "DP" symbol, but they are often identical to regular USB-C ports. If none of your USB-C ports have symbols next to them, you'll need to consult the product manual or the manufacturer's website to find out which ports are DP Alt Mode compatible.If your computer does not support USB-C DP Alt Mode or Thunderbolt 3/4, we recommend connecting via HDMI or DisplayPort. If your laptop does not support these, you can connect using an ALOGIC Universal Dock, which leverage DisplayLink technology to deliver video over non-DP Alt Mode USB-C connections.
Why can't I select HDR?
If you cannot select HDR (it's not appearing in the "Picture Settings" menu), this is likely due to one of two reasons:
1. You're connecting to Clarity with USB-C. HDR is only available when connected via HDMI or DisplayPort.
2. You're using the monitor in SRGB, Uniformity or Adobe RGB mode. Both of these video presets are designed to provide perfect colour reproduction over a limited colour gamut. HDR produces colours outside these limited gamuts and thus can't be used at the same time. You can re-enable HDR by switching back to "Standard" mode in the Professional Settings menu.
Clarity isn't switching between landscape and portrait when I rotate the screen!
If Clarity is not automatically switching between portrait and landscape mode when you physically rotate the screen, it is likely because the screen's "Gravity Sensor" has been disabled.Reenable this in "Other Settings" menu to use this feature.
Why isn't my laptop charging?
Not all laptop USB-C ports support charging using USB-C Power Delivery. Many laptops only support charging on one of their USB-C ports.
Ensure you connect the charging cable to a port on the laptop which supports charging.
Why aren't Clarity's speakers working?
In order to use Clarity's speakers, you must select "27F34KCPD" as your active sound output device in your computer's settings.Additionally, Clarity's speakers will not function if you have an audio device connected to Clarity's rear 3.5mm audio port.


What resolution is Clarity Pro’s webcam?
Clarity Pro’s webcam has an 8MP sensor, or 8 million pixels. This is roughly equivalent to a 4K image.
Does Clarity Pro’s webcam have a microphone?
Yes, Clarity Pro’s webcam includes an array of four microphones to capture sound.
What programs does Clarity Pro’s smart webcam support?
Clarity Pro’s smart webcam slides up and down whenever your computer’s operating system (macOS, Windows, Chrome) attempts to access a webcam feed, not specific integrations with each application.

As a result, the webcam will work with any program attempting to access a webcam.

This includes videoconfering programs such as:

Microsoft Teams
Google Meet
Cisco Webex
GoTo Meeting

As well as livestreaming programs like:

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)
How do I adjust the webcam’s framing?
To adjust the framing of your webcam, you first need to slide the webcam up.

Open a program which requires the webcam – on Windows 11 we recommend the “Camera” app or “Photo Booth” on macOS.

Open this application and switch the active camera to Clarity Pro’s – this can be done via the “Camera” menu in Photo Booth or hitting the “Switch Camera” button in Camera – see below.

Once you’ve activated Clarity Pro’s webcam, it will slide up out of the monitor. You can now adjust its vertical framing using the scroll wheel on the rear of the camera.
My computer can't see Clarity Pro's webcam!
For Clarity Pro's webcam to function, your computer needs to be connected to either the monitor's USB-C or USB-B port.

Then you need to ensure that's the active USB port is set to the same - either USB-C or USB-B. This can be set via the "USB-Switch" setting of the monitor's "USB Options" menu.

If these two are correct and your can't see your Clarity Pro's webcam listed in your system's available webcams (listed as either 27C4KPDW or 27C4KPDWT), restart the monitor and your computer.

If the webcam still doesn't appear, please contact ALOGIC support: and we'll help you resolve your issue.
Clarity Pro's webcam isn't sliding back down!
1. First, do not try to push Clarity's webcam back into the chassis. This can permanently damage the motors.
2 Then ensure that any program accessing your webcam has been closed. This can include messaging, livestreaming, audio recording and video capture applications.
3 Ensure Claritys active USB is set to the USB cable connecting your computer and Clarity, USB-C or USB-B. You can find this option in Clarity's menu by navigating to USB-Options --> USB Switch.
4 If Clarity's webcam doesn't retract after closing these programs - try reconnecting Clarity to your computer by unplugging and replugging the cord.
5 If this doesn't work, try reboot Clarity, then your computer.
6Try plugging connecting Clarity to a different computer.
7If Clarity's webcam is still stuck in the out-position, please contact our expert technical support at for advice on next steps.


What resolutions does Clarity support?
Clarity supports resolutions up to 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) in landscape orientation or resolutions up to 2160 x 3840 in portrait mode.
Clarity's maximum refresh rate is 60Hz.
Clarity can be used at lower resolutions and refresh rates, although support depends on the host device (computer) the monitor is connected to.
Does Clarity support HDR?
Yes, Clarity supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) 600 output.
To enable HDR, open Clarity's Home Menu and navigate to Picture Settings, then HDR.
Clarity has three HDR modes you can choose from:
1. HDR

We reccomend HDR Standard for regular use or the viewing of images, HDR Movie for enjoying HDR-compatible movies and video games, and HDR Design for work where colour accuracy is important.
How accurate are Clarity's colours?
As a monitor designed for visual artists, Clarity monitors are engineered for high colour accuracy, with the following specifications:

Colour Saturation (NTSC): 130%
Colour Saturation (DCI-P3): 97%
Colour Saturation (SRGB): 100%
Colour Saturation (Adobe RGB): 99%

Average ΔE: < 1
Does Clarity have a Picture-in-Picture mode?
Yes, Clarity supports several Picture-in-Picture modes.
  • Part No.: 27C4KPDW
  • Barcode (EAN): 9350784027122

Screen Properties:

  • Size: 27"
  • Panel Type: AHVA IPS
  • Finish: Gloss Anti-Glare
  • Response time: 5ms (with overdrive) 12ms (without overdrive)
  • Resolutions Supported: Up to 3840x2160 @ 60Hz Landscape, Up to 2160x3840 @ 60Hz Portrait
  • Brightness: 350 nits (Min), 400 nits (Typical)
  • Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
  • Viewing Angles: 178°(H)/178°(V)
  • Colour Accuracy:
    Colour Saturation (NTSC): 130% | Colour Saturation (DCI-P3): 97% |
    Colour Saturation (SRGB): 100% | Colour Saturation (Adobe RGB): 99% |
    Average ΔE: less than 1
  • Pixel Density: 163 PPI
  • Webcam: 8MP (4K)
  • Laptop Charging: Up to 65W over USB-C
  • Ports:
    USB-C (Connection for Video (DP Alt Mode required), 65W Laptop Charging
    and Data), 2x HDMI 2.1, DisplayPort 1.4, 2x USB-A (5Gbps, 7.5W
    Charging, For Accessories), 3.5mm Audio, USB-B (Connects computer to
    USB-A and Audio ports)

Physical Characteristics:

  • Overall Dimensions (incl. stand): 623.8*415.4*220mm (LxDxH)
  • Dimensions (incl. stand at max height): 624*225*560mm (LxDxH)
  • Monitor Dimensions (without stand): 624*48*372mm (LxDxH)
  • Height from Desk to Top of Monitor: 560mm (Stand at Max Height), 412mm (Stand at Min Height)
  • Weight (without stand): 4.8kg
  • Stand Dimensions: Base Width: 240mm, Base Length: 225mm | Stem Height: 400mm | Monitor sits 75mm from front of base, 150mm from rear
  • VESA Mount: 100x100mm (FDMI MIS-D)
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Package Includes: 1x Clarity 27" 4K Monitor, 1x DisplayPort Cable, 1x HDMI Cable, 1x USB-C Cable, 1x USB-B to USB-A Cable, 1x Power Adapter
  • Device Compatibility: Apple, Windows, Chromebook, devices which support HDMI, DisplayPort or USB-C DP Alt Mode video outputs

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Arnold Graef
New Monitor

Just got in and powered up my new Alogic Clarity Monitor. Seems quite nice, like the ports in the back USB-C, DP, HDMI, USB-B and the other USB ports...colors are quite nice and vibrant, looking forward to using this to the best of my abilities, time to up the game. Like the stand for this, quite versatil, 180º tilt, USB-C is 90watts of per to charge iPhone etc... Thanks

Fantastic screen

Screen quality is very high!!!


I am very pleased. Good alternative to the studio display. Only the display settings are a bit difficult.

Ulrich Julius Jassniger
Toller Bildschirm Falsches Netzkabel

Wir haben drei Monitore bestellt, bei einem war ein richtiges Netzkabel dabei, bei zweien ein englisches und ein amerikanisches :-(
Ansonsten tolle Geräte, die wir im Grafik-Design einsetzen.

Josh Bowers
Josh B

It's a beautiful monitor, but the webcam cannot be adjusted low enough to get you in the full screen without the need to tilt the monitor to aim it even lower unless you slide the whole monitor down, which then kind of defeats the purpose of the camera being adjustable in the first place...